E-Series Structural Evaluations

巴黎人官网直营Structural Evaluations are documents from independent Professional Engineering firms that show compliance to the Florida Building Code’s structural requirements. The detailed drawings contained within these documents show placement of installation anchors based on the type of wall construction, Design Pressure (PSF) ratings based on unit size and structural joining charts when applicable. They also identify the testing protocol used to satisfy the wind borne debris requirements of the Florida Building Code for units with impact resistant glass.

If you are looking for evaluations for products other than E-Series, .

Specialty (Auxiliary) Window


Arch Casement Window (Non-Thermally Broken Frame)


Casement Window (Thermally Broken Frame)




Fixed Casement Direct Set (1-Pc)


Double-Hung Full-Frame


Double-Hung Picture & Transom Full-Frame


Hinged Patio Door & Sidelight - Inswing


Hinged Patio Door Transom - Inswing



Hinged Patio Door & Sidelight - Outswing

Hinged Patio Door Transom - Outswing


Gliding / French Gliding Patio & Sidelite




Joining Engineering Analysis