Options & Accessories

Your home is a unique reflection of your personal style, and choosing the right options and accessories for your windows and patio doors is the first step in creating the exact look you’re after. With a wide and ever-expanding array of Andersen® hardware choices, glass options, grille styles and more, you’re sure to find what you need to personalize the place you call home.

Glass Options

Explore our glass options and discover which is right for you.


We offer a variety of grille styles for your Andersen® window or patio door, including interior wood grilles and grilles between the glass.

Window Hardware

Andersen offers a variety of window hardware styles in many finish options to match any home.

Patio Door Hardware

Andersen offers a variety of patio door hardware styles and finishes.

Art Glass

Available in a wide variety of patterns, adding uncommon elegance to any home style.

Smart Home Solutions

Now you can include windows and patio doors to truly complete your connected home just like your thermostat, lighting and home theater.

Blinds & Shades

Complement your windows and patio doors with blinds and shades for Andersen products.

Exterior Trim

For more curb appeal, add optional Andersen® exterior trim. It's available in several colors, so you can match or complement your window or door colors to create a variety of looks.

TruScene® Insect Screens

巴黎人官网直营Allow more fresh air and sunlight in, while keeping out the smallest insects with our premium TruScene® insect screen.